Britt Hughes Copywriter
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Look inside almost any of today's computers and you'll find the most powerful processors on the planet: Intel. As the main copywriter on this account, I worked closely with the team and client to come up with innovative ways to showcase and differentiate their products.


The intel experience

Inside Best Buy stores around the country, The Intel Experience is an interactive space where customers can come learn, discover, and play with the latest Intel technology. On top of creating an interactive training plan for the new Best Buy employees assigned to the space, we were tasked with getting customers excited about it. 


Intel Experience digital video and landing page -


Virtual Reality

Beyond The Intel Experience, we helped Intel advertise the power of their processors through one of the newest ways to compute: virtual reality.

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Intel Corei7 Processor static banner ads


Creative Direction: Elizabeth Morrow-McKenzie
Copywriting: Brittany Hughes
Art Direction: Elizabeth Morrow-McKenzie, Thomas Cobb, Anna Naef
Created at R/West