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This & That

This & That

A few of my favorite things that don't fit in. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that. 


Oregon Energy Fund



Creative Direction: Elizabeth Morrow McKenzie
Copywriting: Brittany Hughes
Art Direction: Thomas Cobb
Created at R/West



From September 2017-September 2018, I spent a year working and living in a different international city each month with 45 other humans on a program called Remote Year. Ours was the 15th RY group, also known as Sonder. Together we traveled and lived in four countries in Europe, two in Africa, and five in Latin America. To commemorate our time together, we created a yearbook, and as our resident writer, I volunteered to help with the copy. This may not be advertising related, but it will always have a special place in my heart as one of my very favorite projects. 

sonder_yearbook_r6_lr (dragged).jpg
sonder_yearbook_- (dragged) 2.png
sonder_yearbook_- (dragged) 3.jpg
sonder_yearbook_- (dragged) 4.jpg
sonder_yearbook_- (dragged) 6.jpg

Copywriting: Brittany Hughes
Art Direction: Jennifer Reeves
Created on Remote Year


Sugar-free Jell-o

As a senior writer, most people would say I shouldn't have student work in my book. But... I'm not most people. My Jell-o campaign at Chicago Portfolio School is one of the most fun (and delicious) campaigns I've worked on to this day, and I'm not ready to take it out just yet. 


Creative Direction: Jeff Epstein
Copywriting: Brittany Hughes
Art Direction: Bonnie Lumely
Created at Chicago Portfolio School